R&D samples do not require a lab to collect the samples, however, they should still be collected using proper technique (i.e. gloves, sterile sample collection gear, aseptic technique, etc.)  Training Videos are available for how to obtain an Aseptic Sample.  Sterile sample collection containers are available for sale. Contact the lab for supplies, SARF/Chain of Custody Form, and training on sample collection.  All samples must be submitted to the lab with a SARF/Chain of Custody Form.

All sample containers must be marked with the sample description (Sample ID and Batch #) using a sharpie.  If you are not requesting microbial impurities testing, then you can use a zip-lock bag, a mason jar or anything that would form a complete seal on the flower or edible sample.  If you are sending concentrates, it is best to use a glass or plastic container that is heavy metal free. 

If the lab is performing a pickup, all samples are to be sealed with tamper-evident tape, and placed into a lockable sample collection carrying case. For each section below, the total sample size should be collected from several areas within the batch to ensure all parts are represented.

FLOWER:  A minimum of 1.5 gram of sample per test requested must be submitted to the laboratory.  So for Pesticides and Potency, please collect >3.0 gram of product. Collect the (>1.5 gram) sample from several areas of the plant.  Section off approximately a 2-inch layer of flower and pinch off 5-6 subset samples from several areas within the layer.  Repeat with subsequent 2-inch layers. Placing the subset samples into a collection bag.  Mix the bag contents and divide collected sample in half submitting ½ to the lab for testing and the other can be retained as a reference sample.

EDIBLES:  Randomly select a minimum of 3 different areas of the batch, representing Beginning, Middle and End of Production. Additional areas should be tested for edible batches intended to be in packaged in units over 150.  A minimum of >1.5 gram (or mL) of sample per test requested must be submitted to the laboratory. 

INFUSED BUTTER/OIL:  For each bulk sample of oil / butter, aseptically stir then draw roughly >1.5 gram (or ml) of sample per test; this should be done by taking several smaller samples if possible.  

OILS/WAXES/HASHES:  If the concentrate is in a solid form (a slab or shatter or hash), aseptically collect a sample of >1.5gram (or mL) per test requested; this should be done by taking several smaller samples if possible. 



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