How is Deibel Labs different from other labs?

Deibel Labs, Inc. began in the early 1960’s and was one of the first contract Food testing labs in the United States. We have since grown to 14 strategically located labs across North America and are proud to announce our latest testing division for the Cannabis Industry, Deibel BioScience. We currently operate out of Santa Cruz, CA.  

At our level of testing services, any lab should be able to offer accurate testing, at a fair price and a reasonable turn-around time.  These three qualities are no longer defining features; rather it is our high level of service and exceptional Technical Services acumen that set us apart.  Drawing on decades of experience in the food testing industry, we offer the highest level of technical expertise in the business.

We are a family owned and operated corporation and are not constrained by quarterly investor demands. Our size offers economics of scale that is reflected in our service and pricing. 

Our management team has extensive food industry experience and we understand that every day your batchs are tied up waiting for results means your cash is tied up in inventory you can’t sell.

And when you have questions, or need help, our clients have direct access to Executive Leadership and Technical Services Directors just by calling, texting or emailing them directly.

What is the History of Deibel Labs?

Deibel Labs was founded by Dr. Robert Deibel, one of America’s foremost experts in Food Safety, in the early 1960’s. He is one of the founding fathers of HACCP, developed the first ever “rapid” microbiological test for Salmonella, has published over 67 scientific papers and has served as a legal expert in many court cases. To carry on that legacy and passion for customer service Charles Deibel was named President of Deibel Labs in 2005. Charles, a food microbiologist by training, is a food safety expert in his own right, having testified in numerous legal cases as an expert witness, including congressional testimony. Charles is also a HACCP expert and Lead Instructor, and brings that regulatory and food safety expertise to our cannabis clients.